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СНПЧ А7 Чебоксары, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

It is made with use of high technology of extraction of biologically active substances from a vegetative cage. St. John's wort oil - it СО2-balm St. John's wort, dissolved, in necessary concentration, in olive oil. A grass St. John's wort as highly effective medical means, is used by mankind on an extent more than two and a half thousand years. At this grass, as at east monarch, more than fifty names reflecting its advantages: John Krestitelja's grass, a magic grass, a field drugstore, a grass from 99 illnesses etc.
СО2- the technology has allowed to reproduce works of ancient alchemists on allocation and the concentration of "soul" of this plant bringing the maximum advantage to the person.
  In St. John's wort oil contain: flavonoids; the essence containing fitonicids; tannic, bitter resinous substances; hypericin; ascorbic and nicotinic acids; vitamins
Р and РР; carotin; saponon; choline; tocopherols.
  Flavonoids render spasmolitical action on smooth muscles of bilious channels, intestines, blood vessels and ureter. Increase bile outflow, interfering with stagnation of bile in a bilious bubble. Prevent formation of stones. Flavonoids stop spasms thick and small intestines, restore normal peristalsis, remove a spasm of blood vessels, especially capillaries. Vitamins
Р and РР render capillary roborant action, especially in the presence of vitamin C. Tannins give the chance to have to oil anti-inflammatory and knitting an effect. Fitonicids kill bacteria, suppress their growth and development. Hypericin possesses strong ранозаживляющим and antimicrobic action, thus has slightly calming influence, influencing a depression especially connected with a climax.
 St. John's wort oil is widely used in medicine. It apply at burns, frostbite, a gastritis, food poisoning, at a stomach ulcer, as microenemas at proctitis, at a cold dig in in a nose, it is used as embrocation at rheumatism and a lumbago, use as a vegetative energizer, and also for healing of wounds, simplification of pains at a stretching of sinews and dislocations, at hemorrhages and surrounding shingles, a fat skin,
гнойничках, hems, seborrhea, and as for compresses at the

СНПЧ А7 Чебоксары, обзоры принтеров и МФУ
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