CO2–extract of Haw

СНПЧ А7 Чебоксары, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

CO2–extract of haw is a dense pasty light-brown (up to deep-brown) liquid with specific odour of raw haw; bitterish to the taste. The extract can be dissolved in alcohol or oils, but cannot in water. Extract of haw contains a number of biologically-active substances: carotins, tocopherol, fatty oil, waxes, β-sitosterol, organic acids (ursolic acid and oleic acid), tannin, flavonoids, triterpenes.

CO2–extract of haw has antiinflammatory, restorative, cardiotonic and antisclerotic properties.

Extract of haw is used as a vitaminous addition in food industry, in confectionery, and in alcohol production; in medicine for healing of cardiovascular system abnormalities, hypertension, stenocardia, fibrillation, paroxysmal tachycardia, neurosis, and general atherosclerosis.

СНПЧ А7 Чебоксары, обзоры принтеров и МФУ
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